This morning at the SNP stadium, before the official beginning of the competition, Slovak team of youths (girls) performed the discipline overcoming the 100 m obstacle course. Despite their young age, girls achieve excellent results. In 2016, leaded by the coach Marek Šebest, they took the World Champion title in the discipline fire combat deployment. In 2018, in a competition from 5 countries Slovak young athletes won the Vysegrad Cup in the discipline overcoming the 100 m obstacle course. This year, Tereza Srogočíková score at the Czech cup, where she took the third place and at Moravian Xflame she was the best and took the first place.
Radka Červeňová, 15-years old athlete, had the best time from all youths (girls) in 2018 (17,99 s). In 2017, at the competition Czech hall cup, in 60-metres run took the 2nd place from 344 other competitors.
Viktória Krempaská, also 15-years old, won the competition in Prague and in Ostrava she took great 2nd place.

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